Throwing Hawk

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For centuries, the tomahawk has remained a staple among military, law enforcement, reenactment groups, competitors, outdoorsmen and other enthusiasts

 Not only is it sturdy and utilitarian, our Forged Tomahawk - Throwing Hawk is designed for some serious use! These tomahawks are designed for competitive use, with ideally heavy axe-heads and smooth hickory wooden handles. The design is sleek and straightforward, making this tomahawk ideal for regular use, and an excellent gift for the enthusiast or aspiring competitor.

These historically accurate reproduction tomahawks are hand-forged from brass and steel. Early American history saw tomahawks used primarily by the Algonquian Native Americans in both warfare and daily use. Even, the tomahawk remains an enduring symbol of early America. Trading and interaction with the Native Americans allowed early American settlers to successfully integrate the tomahawk into their everyday lives.

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